The Desire on Fire Experience 
Awaken Your Sensuality

May 14th-16th, 2021

A 3-Day Immersive Online Event for Womxn

Discover What Lights You Up

From a Deeper, More Authentic Place Than You've Ever Known Possible

What is

The Desire on Fire Experience?


COVID is the “Great Pause” getting you to SLOW DOWN. More than ever, the world needs you lit up, turned on and in your power.

Take this time to: 

  • Reflect & manifest your truest desires into the world
  • Connect with other like-minded women from around the world
  • All from the comfort of your laptop!  ​

Walk away with a Customized Awakened Feminine Blueprint to help you UNLEASH your Creativity, Sensuality and Feminine Magic.

Do you miss...

  • Going to your favorite workshops and events that inspire you and fill your soul?

  • Being with friends, deep connection, dance parties, the nourishment of sisterhood?

  • Feeling the high of growing and working on yourself?

  • What if you could get all the things you miss in ONE WEEKEND?

What Will You Get From This
​3-day Virtual Event?

  • End the “man mode” hustle and tap into your true essence

  • Manifest all your wildest dreams… without effort

  • Awaken your body to experience pleasure like never before

  • Get intimately acquainted with the sensual goddess you are

  • Learn to play and flirt without feeling self conscious or embarrassed

  • Create deep sisterhood connections with like-minded women from all over the globe

  • ROCK your quarantine and use this time to manifest your deepest desires

  • Ignite your purpose and share your gifts, so you can be of bigger service during this critical time in history

  • Walk away with your Customized Awakened Feminine Blueprint to help you UNLEASH your Creativity, Sensuality and Feminine Magic


  • Isolation & Loneliness:

    In these socially distanced times, do you feel unmotivated, uninspired and/or disconnected? Do you miss
    deep connections, growing with friends, and the nourishment of sisterhood? 

  • Body Shame: 

    Paralyzing fear and insecurity about the way your body looks. Anxiety about being judged or “looking awkward that kills your enjoyment of intimacy and pleasure

  • Loose Boundaries: 

    Do you struggle to set clear boundaries and say “no” when you mean no, especially in sexual situations?

  • Fear of Rejection:

    Do you fear showing others how you feel or what you want because you fear being turned down? Do you feel awkward or self consciousness around expressing your sensual side for fear of others not liking it?

  • Compare & Despair: 

    Are you caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others and never feeling good enough? Do you constantly question yourself and your decisions?

  • Self Sabotage

    Are you so afraid of being “too much” that you hold yourself back from asking for what you really want?

What Women Are Saying...


The way I felt after the retreat is like nothing I have ever experienced. I felt so connected and accepting of myself. I know what I want. I feel so connected to my body. Even the little moments of life feel pleasurable. I didn’t know I could have this much pleasure in my life!


Life changing!! I feel so much more alive. I ask for what I want and express myself more clearly and with ease. I am turned-on! I acknowledge that I want big things in my life. That includes more travel, more money, a new job, deeper sisterhood bonds/friendships, surrounding myself with powerful women… I want to have it all.  

I also did some deep healing around the way I view my body. I am more in touch with my body since the retreat and in such appreciation of everything it does for me. I am in love with all my curves, smooth skin, and my tenderness. I am whole, beautiful, and perfect the way I am. 


I love me more. I love my body more. I now have huge permission to receive love, touch and sex. I don't care what others think. I am engaged in my life of experimenting to fully express myself and feed my desires and pleasure.  I loved the intimacy of vulnerability felt with authentic sharing over the weekend. 


Since the retreat, I've been on the cutest dates I've ever been on in my life with a man who opens the door for me, buys me anything I want, lets me lead the way but also handles me when it calls for that. I've never let myself have that, or I would judge myself for wanting those things. Now I'm actually receiving them because I want to and
it feels so good. 

I would 100% recommend this retreat to all women who want to be more turned on, more magnetic, more loving to themselves and their body, and just experience more pleasure and fun in their lives! Who wouldn't want that?!

Three Days That Will
Unleash the Feminine Goddess Within You!

Day 1: Opening Evening

Our Immersion begins with our Goddess Gala


When was the last time you dressed up and had a fun and nourishing night out with girlfriends?? 


Dress up in your favorite outfit that makes you feel like a Queen, bring your favorite beverage (kombucha, a mocktail, chamomile tea, alcohol please... you won’t notice it missing!) and drop in for an evening of sisterhood connection and feminine fun! 


Leave your workweek behind and enter a safe space of sisterhood. Drop into your goddess energy through guided meditation, a dance party and games to create connection.


We’ll set our intentions for the weekend, network in a fun and empowered way, and finish the evening feeling open + ready for more!

Day 2: Awaken Your Voice and Body

Learn the key difference between obligation, and your true, deep desires


Start being led by your intuitive compass


Identify and release the #1 barrier to speaking your truth, asking for what you want and setting healthy boundaries 


Discover your customized Awakened Feminine Blueprint to help you UNLEASH your creativity, sensuality and feminine magic


Meet your erotic side with Sensual Movement -- release insecurity and body shame & discover the secret to dropping into your goddess energy at will

Day 3: Awaken Your Power

Unlock your unique barriers to putting pleasure first 


Break free from leaking power and self-sabotaging through discovering the 7 Hindrances of Women


Find deep, soulful connections with other women that could last a lifetime


Walk away with the revolutionary Awakened Feminine Blueprint system and step forward into the larger life that’s calling to you!

Are You Feeling Called to Change the World, But Don't Know Where to Start?

Once you connect with your desires and soul purpose, you can bring it to the world to make a bigger difference



Do LESS while making a bigger impact & savoring the sweet moments of life more fully


Discover what’s next for you and your life and start on the path to manifesting your truest desires into the world

What Women Are Saying...


Aimee & Ellie are the best of the best. You want the biggest transformation? You want dramatic, life-altering changes?
That's Aimee & Ellie.

I'm in awe of how life can be. And the range of different experiences
we can choose to have. People truly don't realize how good and deep life can feel. If women realized how dramatically different their lives could be they would do EVERYTHING in their power to do this
work and be at this event.


I no longer think something is 'wrong' with me because I don't have an answer, or I'm feeling messy. I am genuinely embracing all my parts
and accepting myself for who I am today. I would recommend it to
any woman looking to up-level their connection with themselves and live  a life from desire. I have more acceptance and love for myself. More confidence and compassion.


This is an amazing community. I feel safe, seen, heard and held.
We are all like-minded, different ages-- empowering, encouraging
and uplifting each other. Aimee and Ellie’s transparency is
beautiful. I’m so grateful to be a part of this community
because it’s really changed my life.


I believe that any women who are willing to look at their relationships with themselves, who desire growth, connection, and a LIT UP LIFE would have a powerful and impactful experience at Desire on Fire. This work serves women regardless of where they currently are on their journeys, meeting everyone right where they are and supporting them in breaking through to their next level. I'm bolder and freer with my clients, as inspired by Aimee & Ellie's coaching. Plus, it's so much fun!!

Join Us For
The Desire on Fire Experience

Awaken your Sensuality

May 14th-16th, 2021
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Your Hosts

Aimee Batuski

Ellie Shepley Montgomerie

Aimee Batuski & Ellie Shepley Montgomerie are Pleasure & Intimacy Experts and Co-Founders of their company Desire on Fire. Through their retreats and programs, they’ve taught hundreds of women how to create wild, confident intimacy, orgasmic bliss and fulfilling relationships.


They’ve personally trained with some of the top Intimacy & Sexuality teachers in the world, including Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena), NY Times bestselling author and Headmistress of the School of the Womanly Arts, Nicole Daedone, Founder of the worldwide movement “Orgasmic Meditation,” and Miss Jaiya, who has been hand selected by Tony Robbins to coach his platinum members on their sex + relationships.


These women are the millennial authorities in the global movement of the new feminine. Aimee & Ellie have created a remarkable Sisterhood of women who allow their desires and pleasure to lead the way as they step into a whole new world of freedom, manifestation and ease.

Have you got questions like these?

Where will this event be held?

Will this event be recorded?

Can I attend for part of the weekend?

Can I receive recordings of the parts I miss?

I’m nervous/excited to attend an event about sensuality. What can I expect? Will I feel safe?

What’s covered as part of the event?

All three days of the Workshop including the Friday evening Goddess Gala are covered in your ticket purchase.

There may be some surprises along the way, too!! 

What are the hours of the event?

Friday 05/14

5pm-7pm PT / 8pm-10pm ET

Saturday 05/15

9am-6pm PT / 12pm-9pm ET

Sunday 05/16

9am-6pm PT / 12pm-9pm ET